Senior Services

JFS is committed to helping seniors.  The social services department, directed by Kathie Jordan, LMSW, provides a wide range of services.  Emphasis is placed on doing a thorough needs assessment for each client and providing the services needed to resolve the existing problems.  Senior case management services address many commonly experienced problems: 

Medical crises such as a sudden loss of functioning,  falls, strokes, or any reason for hospitalization.
Financial difficulties arising from limited resources, medical costs such as prescriptions, or the need to purchase durable medical equipment. 

The loss of a loved one, especially a life partner. 

The need to relocate to another residence, a retirement community, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility. 

JFS is also ready to help the helpers.  Many seniors depend on their spouses, their adult children, other family members, or friends to provide companionship, transportation, and emergency assistance.  These helpers are under a great deal of stress as they try to juggle work, family responsibilities, and their own needs for self-care.  JFS offers information, referral, and support to the caregivers.  Access to a supportive professional is vital to those who display compassion by caring for seniors.   

If you or anyone you know needs Senior Services, call 302-6920 and ask for the social service department!

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